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Session Drummer-DrumTech-Drum Instructor-Video Editing
Since I was 10 years old I have had a love for music and have been fortunate enough to make it a career. Playing an instrument is only part of it, as you read on you will find I have been involved with many aspects of the music industry.
Below are short descriptions explaining the different areas I have loved and been a part of for the past 40 plus years of my life.
I am fortunate enough to continue doing these things today.


Touring and Tech
If you have songs you would like me to record drums on contact me below.

I have been doing Stagehand/ Tech work since 2008.   I have done setups for concerts and corporate events, stage managed at clubs , run sound for locals in CA, and  I have worked as a Drum tech for a number of artists including Megadeth, Halestorm, Ace Frehley, One Republic, Extreme, Volbeat and most recently Bush. Currently I am the Drum tech for Jon Larsen (Volbeat) and Nik Hughes (BUSH) .


I am available for other touring gigs as well.  It's really a whole new world that I never knew I would be a part of but am really glad I decided to pursue.


To see where I might be touring next click here. 



I started learning about recording music with my first band in high school and have recorded over 40 Albums with various artists at different studios all over the country. I still do sessions today. For me, having a physical record of music I created is much more fullfilling than live performance in the long term. I have something to show for all the work put in, something to remind me of that time in my life.  I also have learned quite a bit about studio recording,micing techniques and mixing songs.

Check out the albums page for a discography. 

Hey guys, so aside from the drums I have started to get into the video world with Youtube and making promotional videos and I have really enjoyed making them and learning the editing process. If you have a need for any video editing services I am available so just shoot me an email at and we can discuss the project and pricing.

Live Performance

I started performing live when I was in jr. highschool with concert and Marching Bands. After graduating I joined a rock band and would play live in clubs locally and regionally, and it just grew from there.

I have had the opportunity to tour with a number of bands all over the country. It has been a blast! I am currently the drummer for 2 bands, Bumbles Bounce, and The Somethin' Somethings. We have a few shows here and there but spend most of our time in the studio recording new music.

In 1997 I quit my day job and started teaching private drum instruction 5 days a week for WMEC in North Attleboro, MA. That led to creating drum workshops and Rock Camp programs that put groups of kids together in a rock band setting, learning and performing songs together. I still teach privately and have developed a few online lessons that are available here on my site. Check those out here.

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