Live/Session Drummer-DrumTech-Drum Instructor


Since I was 12 years old I have had a passion for music and have been fortunate enough to make it a career. Playing an instrument is only part of it, as you read on you will find I have been involved with many aspects of the music industry.


Below are short descriptions explaining the different areas I have loved and been a part of for the past 30 plus years of my life.


I am fortunate enough to continue doing these things today.


Live Performance

I started performing live when I was in jr. highschool with concert and Marching Bands. After graduating I joined a rock band and would play live in clubs locally and regionally, and it just grew from there....performances all over the country with all kinds of bands have kept me busy for the past 30 years and it is still something I enjoy doing today every chance I get. There is nothing like the rush you feel when an audience reacts to a live performance that you are involved in.


In 1997 I quit my day job and started teaching private drum instruction 5 days a week for WMEC in North Attleboro, MA. That led to creating drum workshops and Rock Camp programs that put groups of kids together in a rock band setting, learning and performing songs together. I still teach privately and have developed a few online lessons that are available here on my site.


I started learning about recording music with my first band in high school and have recorded over 40 Albums with various artists at different studios all over the country. I still do sessions today. For me, having a physical record of music I created is much more fullfilling than live performance in the long term. I have something to show for all the work put in, something to remind me of that time in my life.  I also have learned quite a bit about studio recording,micing techniques and mixing songs.

Check out the albums page for a discography. 

Touring and Tech

I decide at age 38 a move to California was in order so i packed up and left everything behind - recording , performing, teaching- and embarked on a new music avenue: Stagehand/ Tech work. Since then I have done setups for concerts and corporate events, stage managed at clubs , run sound for locals in CA, and currently I am a Drum tech for Jon Larsen from the band Volbeat. It is really a whole new world that I never knew I would be a part of but am really glad I decided to pursue.