Two by Two

In networking with instructors here at WMEC, we have concluded that one of the principal causes for a student not moving forward in their musical endeavor is due to lack of practice. In many cases this does NOT mean the student is UNMOTIVATED, but rather UNENTHUSIASTIC. After a student works hard to accomplish a level of proficiency in which they feel the "basics" have been achieved - what then? More difficult material? More theory? They may be thinking "when does the fun of music begin?"


Beyond the initial plateau of individual competency there is a point where a student's musicianship needs to be brought forth and shaped into an emotional self-awareness. This is not always attainable through individual practice but more so by learning to communicate with others through the language of music. This will bring forth thoughts and emotions that are intertwined in each student's distinct mental and physical awareness and can inspire one to reach that "next level" of musicianship that so many desire.



Program Details:

In conjunction with WMEC instructors, students of similar abilities are paired together, who then rehearse as an ensemble creating an atmosphere of musical challenges and rewards that cannot be found through individual practice or performance.


All instruments are encouraged to join.


Course is a total of 5 - one hour sessions

Rehearsal time is set on an individual basis.

Course Fee:

$150.00 per student.



Instructor referral and/or audition.


Please see your instructor or contact:


Dave White


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